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What is BrandSlap?

Glad you asked! We’re a team of video production / editing professionals who specialize in making quick content look great. We’ve got years of experience helping national brands from all sorts of industries make a splash on social with awesome short-form video content.

How does BrandSlap work?

It’s easy — you send us video files, and we make them look great. All we need is your raw video files and your branding and we make magic happen.

What kind of videos does BrandSlap produce?

We produce and edit short-form videos with animated captions. Here are some of the most popular video types we can help you bring to life:

  • Talking heads
  • Product videos
  • Training videos
  • Internal communications

Do you do transcriptions and video captions?

Yup! We transcribe your video clips and add animated captions using your brand font and colors. Captions are the bare minimum on social today — take it a step beyond with BrandSlap.

What industries does BrandSlap work with?

Whatever industry you’re in, BrandSlap videos can help you claim your crown as a leader in your space.

We produce and edit short videos for professional services including IT, HR, accounting, law, commercial real estate, sales, marketing, web, and all sorts of other industries that are too numerous to list here. Rest assured, if what you do can be captured on video, we can make it look great.

What happens during my onboarding month?

A ton! During your first month with BrandSlap, we give you a crash course in shooting video for social media. We go over the basics like how to find good lighting, how to avoid background noise, how to speak on camera — you know, all the little stuff that goes into making a video look and sound good.

In addition to 2 hours of consultation, we also give you access to a library of resources to help with content ideation. Before you know it your team can start cranking out great ideas for social videos and fill out your content calendar.


How do I receive my videos?

Videos will be delivered via a review platform where you will be able to make comments for changes or adjustments, as well as download the finished files when they’re ready to go. Each month we will send you a folder where you will be able to access all of that month’s videos.

Can BrandSlap help me upload and post videos to my social channels?

Sorry, not our wheelhouse.

If you want to get the job done in-house, there are plenty of social media management tools to make wrangling your various social channels a breeze. Otherwise, partnering with a marketing agency can take that work off your plate.


How much does a BrandSlap subscription cost?

Annual subscription: $1,500 per mo ($18,000 per yr)

Month-to-month subscription: $1,750 per mo

Can I cancel my BrandSlap subscription at any time?

Sure thing. Here’s how cancellation works for month-to-month subscriptions and annual subscriptions.

Month-to-month subscribers: When you cancel, we’ll deliver any outstanding videos up to your limit for the final month before parting ways. Please note that we don’t offer refunds for “unused” videos.

Annual subscribers: Since you paid for a year of BrandSlap support up front, we’ll put our heads together to make a plan for our remaining months together. Please note that we don’t offer refunds for “unused” videos, and our subscriptions offer a maximum of 5 videos per month. If you cancel with 3 months remaining in your subscription, you won’t get 15 videos immediately.

If I’m paying month-to-month, can I upgrade to annual payment?

You bet! Going to annual payment saves you $3,000 each year.

And you don’t need to worry about paying for another BrandSlap onboarding month since you’ve already got that under your belt.


How short is “short-form video”?

It’s not a science, but we find that video clips around 30 seconds in length tend to do best on social. If you’re dealing with a multi-minute video beast, we can help hack it down to size to perform on your social channels of choice.

How much footage can I upload?

Our handy-dandy video uploader takes files of all sizes, but what’s more important to us than file size is that you provide precise timestamps for the video clips we’ll be working with. You’ll upload those in a form along with your video files. No timestamps, no dice — capisce?

The only exception to the timestamps rule is if you’re uploading clips for a single video. We’ve been in the game long enough to tell the keepers from the cutting-room-floor fodder, timestamps or not.

What file formats can I upload?

We take pretty much every video format out there, including MOV and MP4.

If you’re uploading audio-only files like podcast clips, we accept MP3 and WAV.

What file formats will I receive from BrandSlap?

We generally deliver videos in MP4 format, but we’re flexible. Just let us know if there’s a better format for you and we’ll hop to it.

What if the video I give you is… let’s say “rough around the edges”?

We can work a certain amount of magic, but we’re not Merlin over here. If you send us a video shot in a broom closet next to an industrial fan, we kindly ask that you go back to the drawing board.

But don’t worry — with the smarts you gain from your BrandSlap onboarding month, you’ll be a shooting pro in no time. We can help you identify a great spot to capture quality video and audio.
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